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Part of it is about being able to dress and be perceived as they want to.Many (though not all) trans woman also experience dysphoria, where their bodies feel wrong until they have top surgery and then things feel like they've settled into place, as they should be.And if you thought Patridge and Cavallari really butted heads over Brescia, don't be fooled.

"Some people don't want to share any shine, they'd rather sit on their Instagram account." Maybe Lauren Conrad doesn't want to interact with someone who can't stand her.Also, maybe Lauren Conrad didn't hemorrhage money left and right and is estimated to be worth something like million today. A lot of parents just assume that their kid will be straight by default, and they set themselves up for a surprise.She doesn't need to do a reunion special if she doesn't want to. (To be clear, we don't think that Spencer and Heidi are actually planning to raise their kid to be a gold-digger) Spencer Pratt says that he and Ryan Gosling used to be neighbors who hung out, and that Ryan Gosling told him some chilling tales about Scientology. He wouldn't even call Brody on his birthday and he was in the valley. He was always bad as a human from what I saw as Brody's best friend.But we've read enough horrific accounts about that organization to never be surprised at what we hear. Maybe worst of all is Spencer's commentary about Caitlyn's reasons for transitioning or ... "It was so back in the day and I loved titties so much, I thought maybe he just wanted titties to rub on, like his own titties, I don't know.He was a ghost." In case it needs to be said, trans women who get top surgery don't do so because, um, they love boobs so much that they want to touch them.

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