Dating usmc us dog tags

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This type of ID Tag is indicative of those made locally for State Militia Units.(Courtesy of forum member mars & thunder) [i]So simple a method [/i]The 1906 Identity Tag It was not until 1899 that the U. Army first began to consider that an official identity tag should be issued to the troops in the field.The ID tags were quickly christened Dog tags by the soldiers, based on the metal license tag that was attached to a leather collar worn around a dogs neck.This excerpt from the 1907 journal of the Association of Military Surgeon Generals of the United States gave a hearty endorsement to the Armys new method for identifying its killed and wounded, The identification tags recently adopted for the United States Army have been made and are ready for issue.The Army ID Tag remained unchanged until 1910 when it was decided that a larger disc was needed and the diameter of the tag was increased from thirty one to thirty five millimeters in diameter.The new, large size tag was designated the 1910 Identity Tag and contained the same information as the older, small sized ID Tag.

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The brand new 1906 Identity Tag was a round aluminum disc, thirty one millimeters in diameter, it had a single hole near one edge to accommodate the one yard long, khaki linen neck tape that was issued with each tag to suspend it from the neck.

02: Before a regulation dog tag was adopted by the army, Americas soldiers were lucky if they were presented with a donated ID Tag as they boarded a troop ship to fight in far off lands.

Here Marine, Leathernecks are shipping out to protect Americas interests in the early 1900s.

A captain in the Quartermaster Corps, Captain Charles C.

Pierce, whose duty was to establish the Quartermaster Office of Identification in the Philippines, recommended that the inclusion of an Identity Disc in the soldiers issued combat field kit would aide with the identification of the dead.

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