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Europeans, particularly the Portuguese, arrived in Bangladesh in the fifteenth century and, only three centuries later, the British East India Company took over its land.

When Pakistan failed to administer Bangladesh, independence finally arrived after conflicts between East and West Pakistan, from 1947 until 1971, when Dhaka became the capital of an independent Bangladesh.

In the Middle Ages, it adhered to Islam and became one of the richest territories of the Mongolian Empire while Dhaka became one of the wealthiest and most prosperous cities in the world.

Walking through Dhaka is a unique experience where one can admire magnificent religious monuments while enjoying traditional music at any street corner.

Markets, train rides and Sadarghat Port are extraordinary places where you can experience daily life along with the richness of the Bangladeshi people.

Today, Bangladesh holds multiparty elections every four years and is governed by a democratic political system.

Visiting Dhaka is not challenging and there are some unique and highly-regarded points of interest.

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