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You can find very slim and discreet briefs with cloth backing that look and feel more like traditional underwear.

These styles are easier to wear under clothing and are great for light to moderate incontinence.

Often it’s toward a romantic partner, but throughout the day, there might also be the hot co-worker or the random stranger on the sidewalk or the celebrity with the great body. It doesn’t mean that they’re “saving themselves for the right person”.

Even if most people don’t act on it, the attraction is still present. For a gray-asexual or a demisexual, there may be between episodes of sexual attraction or there may have been only one person that’s ever caught their eye. When someone says that they’re demi, they mean that they experience sexual attraction unless they’re close to someone.

Certainly, most people don’t feel sexual attraction. Unlike “hetero-” or “homo-” or “a-“, etc., which describe the gender(s) that a person is or isn’t attracted to, “demi-” describes the circumstances in which a person may experience sexual attraction.

However, most people seem to feel it fairly frequently. Demisexuals are only capable of feeling sexual attraction after they’ve developed a close emotional bond with someone. It sounds like demisexuals are trying to make themselves out to be special because they only have sex with people they love. It doesn’t mean that people are picky about their sexual partners.

They’re not choosing to repress sexual feelings for others because they don’t have anything to repress. And it’s possible to be demisexual and sleep with anyone who is willing.

Furthermore, demisexuality says nothing about who a demi has sex with, or if they even have sex at all. Demisexuality is only about the circumstances where one can experience sexual attraction, not about sexual activity.

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Once super high speed cameras were used to closely film animals drinking, it was initially thought that dogs bent their tongues backwards, like an inverted ladle - dipping down and scooping up water using its tongue as a pulley.

Now that scientists have been able to measure exactly how they animals drink they have found that cats can take in more liquid with less spillage than dogs, in the same amount of time - making them more efficient at taking in fluid than dogs.

Research carried out by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Virginia Tech and Princeton University in the United States used observational data gathered from high speed digital videos of domestic, and big cats, and slowed them down to establish the speed of the tongue's movements and the frequency of lapping.

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