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By 1999, he was appointed executive Deputy President of South Africa, carrying an air of the potential heir apparent of presidency of Thabo Mbeki.

Filing a rape case can be one of the techniques of an opposing party in attacking the very person of the leader of a certain group. A very evident of using rape charges to hinder the possible tenure of a leader by someone else’s political objective is visible in the case of former Malaysian Deputy Minister Anwar Ibrahim.

The interviewee must be treated with appropriate respect both for this reason and as a matter of elementary courtesy…

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A perfect example of a rape case sabotaging the good image of a leader is that of the recently acquitted former Deputy President Jacob Zuma of the Republic of South Africa.Associated Press reviewed him as ‘a man who fought for the common man.” He also had the support of the African National Congress Youth League, and the South African Congress Trade and Union and South African Communist Party, both of which are influential alliances in the country.Zuma was appointed Member of Executive Committee of Economic Affairs and Tourism on 1994.Zuma, even before the rape trial case, had been eyed by many fellow contenders to be most likely winner of the presidential candidacy.He was regarded as the voice and the hand of the masses he had governed.

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