Who is serena dating in season 6

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Blair’s mother, Eleanor frets over Blair’s recovery from her eating disorder, and her father, Harold, checks out a male model (that he ends up running off to Paris with).

This year, Blair’s dad ditches her, and there’s a weird montage of her angrily eating a pie and trying to repress some memories of the days when bulimia controlled her life. "The Magnificent Archibalds" – Season 2 “For the rest of the country, Thanksgiving is when families come together to give thanks.

But, obviously, she was and everyone felt icky because even though it’s just a ridiculous coincidence, it definitely has incest-y vibes for Serena and Dan.She tries to convince Blair that sleeping with Nate’s best friend was a bad call, and the two engage in a quick best frenemies argument that is the sort of interaction that makes the Serena/Blair friendship one of the most entertaining of all time. Other memorable things: Dan invites the Van der Woodsens to Brooklyn for a Very Humphrey Thanksgiving.(Honestly, I’m surprised it didn’t involve waffles.) The whole holiday basically goes to sh*t because Dan had no idea that Serena’s mother, Lily used to date his father, Rufus.Aaron is a recovered alcoholic, and mentions that he’d like to surround himself with people who can be supportive.Although she’s internally freaking out about the fact that she’s an infamous party girl, Serena pretends that she’s on the straight and narrow for the sake of her new relationship.

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